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Because veterans have experiences and issues that are unique, it is recognized that they participate best in treatment programs designed for veterans, with other veterans engaged in the same group process.

Primrose Intervention Services provides two veterans programs that are tailored to address the unique situations faced by veteran populations. Their unique experiences can lead to severe trauma, resulting in the onset of PTSD, which can become long-lasting and treatment-resistant. Effective treatment of veterans with PTSD has become one of the most important and highest-priority goals of the VA.

The Two programs offered for veterans:

Winning the Invisible War: MRT  for Veterans 

“Winning the Invisible War” is a cognitive approach that is used in many VA treatment centers and veteran courts. This therapy program specializes in the needs of veterans who have been assigned to treatment through the justice system. This program can be used by veterans who enter drug courts, family courts, or other specialized veteran treatment courts.

Battling Shadows:  Trauma Treatment for Veterans  

“Battling Shadows” is a cognitive approach that directly confronts trauma issues typically encountered in veteran populations. This therapy program is designed to be implemented in eight group sessions. The program utilizes specialized techniques that are intended to be used only with Veteran focused groups.


All MRT groups are open-ended, meaning that new clients can enter an ongoing group at any time.

Veteran Services

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