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Grief Sessions & Services

Grief is a normal reaction for children to the death of someone significant. When children experience the death of a person who has played a significant role in their life, it is normal for children to struggle, whether the relationship with that person was caring and loving, or contentious and difficult.

The way children grieve will mostly depend on their age and understanding of death as well as their ability to talk about their thoughts and feelings. This can often make their reactions appear quite different in comparison to how adults may express their feelings.

Teens grieve deeply but often work very hard to hide their feelings. Fearing the vulnerability that comes with expression, they look for distractions rather than stay with the grief process long enough to find real relief. Feelings can be turned off quickly, much like flipping a light switch.

Primrose Intervention Services LLC provides grief sessions for teens.  Our grief coaches hold Grief Specialist Certifications from Higher Impact Training and Counseling Services.


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