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Cognitive Skills Classes are designed for a higher level of care for individuals facing serious issues in life. The program is a commitment of 12- 24 weeks of group therapy that addresses faulty thinking and assists with thought and behavior restructuring. Clients in the cognitive skills classes are urged to process lifelong traumatic issues within a group setting with a specialized therapist. Most clients benefit tremendously from the therapeutic process and begin realizing self-actualization, independence, and happiness. The goal of Cognitive Skills Classes is to help modify behaviors that have hindered growth and personal development.  One key ingredient in the Cognitive Skills Classes is the power of the group to help each other. Cognitive Skills Classes can help someone who is suffering from feelings of isolation and terminal uniqueness see reflections of themselves in the people around them. Cognitive Skills Classes are a comprehensive program that is catered to getting to the root of the problems in our lives as opposed to simply dealing with the surface level issues.

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a type of behavioral therapy aimed at decreasing the likelihood of someone returning to abusing substances or alcohol. It teaches people in the criminal justice system with substance use disorders to focus on the moral aspects of their illness, and the social consequences that may be associated with using drugs or alcohol.

MRT is a 16 step program that can take up to 24 weeks to complete.  Some of the chapters take more than one week to complete.  You must do all the steps in order to get a certificate of completion.

MRT Registration and Book Fee-  $145 plus $4.50 processing fee Total: $149.50

Once you pay, your book will be sent to you via mail services.  Your first 2 book chapters will be emailed for you to print out and have for your first class.

MRT Group Sessions- $45 plus $4.50 processing fee Total: $49.50
MRT Classes are 3 times per week. You can only attend one class per week.  An invoice will be sent to you for each class session, fee will have to be paid prior to class.

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