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Primrose Intervention Services specializes in mental health services with  therapeutic approaches and early interventions. The interventions are based on philosophical views about the nature of human existence. Disconnectedness is the source of almost all client problems such as mental illness, drug addiction, violence, crime, school failure, and spousal and child abuse Reality Therapy is a method of counseling which teaches people how to direct their own lives, make more effective choices, and how to develop the strength to handle the stresses and problems of life. Few clients understand that their problem, which is unhappiness, results from the way they are choosing to behave. The core of Reality Therapy is the idea that regardless of what has "happened" in our lives, or what we have done in the past, we can choose behaviors that will help us meet our needs more effectively in the future.

Choice Theory contends that the only person's behavior we can control is our own. By using Choice Theory, we help people learn that what we do is not determined by external causes, but by what goes on inside of us. Choice Theory Principles state that we are responsible for choosing and evaluating the way we think, feel and act in our personal relationships and in our working lives. The major theme of existential principles and therapy is that people are free to choose among alternatives and therefore have a large role in shaping our destines and that the manner is which we live and what we become are the result of our choices.

Here at Primrose Intervention Services LLC, our  coaches and therapists are certified and have been fully trained as we specialize in striving to assist the client with striving for identity and relationship with others.

Other Services Offered: Early Intervention Services, Psychoeducational Testing, Autism Education, Persons with Disabilities/Mental Health, Stress Relief and Burn-Out, Adult and Teen Anger Management, Anger Management for Christians, Anger Management for Veterans, Relapse Prevention, MRT, Grief Therapy, Positive Mind Management. Group Sessions Available, Telehealth Services Provided.

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Evaluations and Assessments
Therapy Sessions
Coaching Sessions
Virtual and Online Teleservices

Quick Assessment Results/ Recommendations*

Depending on which assessment you registered for, we have a slightly different protocol for accessing and completing it. Each assessment choice is described with instructions once you register for it on our website. You will receive your evaluation/assessment within 45-90 minutes of completion with the evaluator.

Highest Accuracy

Once you register for an assessment on our website an email will be automatically sent to one of our Counselors. You will be contacted within the hour (M-F) by phone and/or email to set up your evaluation. You and the counselor can determine if you want to do the evaluation by phone or online video. Once your assessment time has been scheduled, the assessment will take approximately 1 hour to complete. The counselor will the draft a write up based on your results with recommendations. This document will be provided to you by mail and email. If you need it quickly, you can pay to have it sent overnight via FedEx. If you need the assessment "Expedited", this means the counselors will contact you within the hour and have the assessment completed by the day.

Certificate of Completion

At course completion a certificate of completion will be instantly available for download and will be sent to you by email. The certificate can also be sent by email to the party that has required that you complete treatment.
We guarantee that the certificate of completion will be accepted. If, for any reason, the certificate is not accepted, we will provide a full refund.

Life Skills

Life skills are based on executive functions; they bring together our social, emotional and cognitive capacities to problem solve and achieve goals. Studies have found they are critical to success in school and life.

About Us

Primrose Intervention Services is committed to providing highest standard of care and support to all clients from the moment they arrive. We have a dedicated team who have an excellent reputation for providing a one-on-one, person-centered approach to care which is focused on providing clients with the service and lifestyle that they would like as an extension of family life. Primrose Intervention is a woman owned, veteran owned business. Our staff consists of like-minded women in the military and teaching profession. Our staff includes a behavioral doctor, a clinical nurse, a  special education teacher, a veteran advocate, certified therapists and peer mentors to provide immediate services.

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